I came across this post in one of the product management forums and also read about it in www.svpg.com. Thought, I will have this information shared in my blog as well.

Does anyone know of ratios of employees in a product development organization? This is related to the ratios on product managers to engineers to QA to UI designers to architects etc.

Beyone of course, saying that it will always depend on a variety of factors, here’s what Marty Cagan of SVPG has to say:

Engineers: One Product Manager for every 6-10 Engineers

Designers: Think 1:4:8, where one visual designer supports 4 interaction designers, and each interaction designer supports 2 product managers

Architects: It would be 1 architect for every 5-15 developers. The lower-end would be 1 architect to 5 developers, typically for new product development that require hands-on architecture and the higher-end would be 1 architect to 15 developers, typically for ongoing management or developing more stable or legacy technologies.