ISVs that engineer enterprise software face a number of challenges with respect to flexibility, scalability, extensibility, availability, performance etc. In my mind, the top three challenges that enterprise software face today are:

  • Integration with third party software and IT systems
  • Transaction types from different data sources and support for disparate client types
  • High-volume transaction capability

If a software is architected keeping in mind these three challenges, most issues related to the enterprise software will cease to exist.


I’ve started writing a book on ‘how do you get your customers to buy your product or service?’ specifically with the B2B segment in mind. My writing is going to be based on the following, though not in the same order:

1. My writings will be based on the work that I did – with more focus on what one shouldn’t do rather than what one should do

2. I strongly believe in the fact that there is no such thing called the ‘right way to market’ – it would speak about the experimentation that is required and how to keep it low-cost

3. New age marketing tools like Social Media Marketing, buzz marketing etc.

4. Why is it so important not to lose focus on traditional marketing principles; for instance, value proposition and positioning statements remain sacrosanct irrespective of the medium that you choose

4. It would also have templates that would allow one to do their marketing plan

5. It would have practical examples with which one can de-risk their marketing intiatives

6. Series of interviews with marketing practitioners from different settings. These would also be covered in the book

7. Lead generation techniques, lead nurturing techniques and  its effectiveness

8. Thought leadership – it certainly is about thoughts?

9. Marketing ideas that you can take and implement immediately; ideas that wouldn’t take you more than 2 minutes to start implementing 

10. Taking it out of social marketing, specific focus is going to be on twitter – I am going tweet about this book as well effectively

I’d appreciate your comments and also appreciate inputs on what you would like to see in this book.

Social media is gaining popularity is stating the obvious. It has in fact become so disruptive that it is affecting businesses, and I want to take the example of Recruitment consultants. Their main revenues was in finding talents that hiring managers can look at.

What has happened now with the growth of social media is, internal recruiters of corporations have started using sites like facebook and linkedin, over and above the job portals and are able to scout for talents very extensively. This has put the brakes on these specialists whose ability was in identifying talents and qualifying them before the hiring manager gets to see them. Now this is getting compromised and for the recruitment consultants to survive, they need to re-invent themselves and start focusing on verticals, level of hire, headhunting etc. and you cannot survive by being just another recruitment consultant.

Social media is here to stay,  and for good enough reasons, it is helping individuals and companies in their pursuit. At the same time, it is pushing the limits on traditional means of doing business.

There is an exciting event siliconindia is organizing on June 6th (Saturday in Bangalore). It’s by far the largest and most exciting event of its kind in Bangalore.

It is your chance to know the building of companies like, and tejas networks as their founders come and share their journey with us. Additionally there will be 100 most promising technology startups showcasing their products. You can meet these entrepreneurs and also over 40 investors. To attend this event, register free at

Adding a few more:

  • Watch live product demonstrations
  • Get a peek into cutting edge technologies
  • Lay hands on the best-of-breed solutions
  • Meet young, energetic and passionate geeks
  • Experience the culture of innovation in small companies
  • Visionary keynotes
  • In-depth panel discussions

Time: 8.45 am to 5 pm; Date: June 6, 2009, saturday; Place: Nimhans convention center, bangalore (near dairy circle)

My customer called me into a meeting and told me that he has a peculiar problem and he wanted my opinion on it.  He said that his organization has a huge sales pipeline but they are not resulting in sales.  Where does the problem lie?

I have written a post on this in my company blog and you can view it by clicking here.

I’ve been following this company dimdim for sometime now and it is getting better and better. I wrote a post earlier where I was suggesting that they should position themselves as a Live eLearning Platform with the features that they have. They have gone a step further by providing integration with Moodle, an Open Source Learning Management System. Moodle and dimdim dancing together will be irresistable. The reviews that I read about dimdim’s integration with moodle are also excellent.

I also see a number of projects displayed in sites like rent-a-coder, getafreelancer etc. where the requirements are integration of Moodle and Dimdim, Moodle+Dimdim+Joomla etc. There definitely seems to be a active community that has been positioning Dimdim pretty well. I would love to hear and write about the initiatives that dimdim has been taking with respect to their positioning.

Essentially, at this rate dimdim would become a necessary backbone of any unified communication strategy of enterprises.