Of late, I have been dabbling with a number of things that includes marketing consulting, storytelling, theatre and public speaking. I am a firm believer of the power of stories in communication, which essentially makes it sticky. Due to the number of activities that I was involved in, I had to literally stop contributing to this blog and it has been really too long. However, I have a number of ideas, views and opinions that I want to write about in the software space. Hence, starting today (4th March 2013), I am relaunching this blog with regular updates and posts from my side.

I run a number of blogs, where I contribute. They are:

1. http://telltaleclub.com, which is a storytelling community. Most stories here are of the anecdotal nature

2. http://taketwo.in, here I contribute reviews of Tamil movies

3. http://brandmojo.in, this is in its beta stage currently and would be up and running with all features in a few days time from now. This are our irreverent insights on corporate communications.

I am also coming with a story site on entrepreneurs, which I will update once it is up and kicking.

My current interests are software services, software products, b2b marketing, startups, storytelling, theatre and public speaking.

Any of you, interested in contributing to any of the sites listed here, including this blog? Do let know and I shall be happy to welcome you on board.


One Response to “About Me”

  1. Hi, my name is Christy and I am currently an intern at a small business intelligence company, LogiXML, working in their Software as a Service division, LogiOnDemand.
    My reason for emailing is that I’m curious of your impressions on a new product we are readying for launch. Thought you might be interested as our free software is based on excel data, and is very beneficial for many users, one of them being bloggers. If you have the opportunity, I’d greatly appreciate it if you took a look . The website is http://www.widgenie.com/. Feel free to register for a free account. If you like the site, we’d love it if you mentioned it in your blog or site!
    Thanks so much,

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