This morning, I was talking to a friend of mine who is doing his Executive MBA. He was mentioning during the conversation that one of his friends is really bent on joining an analytics company and his interest levels in that are very high. Apparently, he has tried with most known brands in analytics and he hasn’t been lucky due to various reasons.

On hearing this, I casually mentioned why doesn’t he look at starting a boutique analytics firm and he can target the small retail units. I really wasn’t talking about the largest airline companies or retailers or the software companies of the world. I was talking about companies that can act on the findings immediately.

In fact, this is going to be the next wave and there are already a few established players and as a necessary evil, all the top IT services companies are setting up a practice to tap into this space. I believe with India as the market, it would be the boutique firms that would win the business, for they would be cheaper and make analytics actionable with the local market knowledge that they have. To top it, analytics requires knowledge about Mathematics, Business and Technology. India has the knowledge in all the three areas and also the scale.

Time for the analytically bent to start the boutique firms.