Social media is gaining popularity is stating the obvious. It has in fact become so disruptive that it is affecting businesses, and I want to take the example of Recruitment consultants. Their main revenues was in finding talents that hiring managers can look at.

What has happened now with the growth of social media is, internal recruiters of corporations have started using sites like facebook and linkedin, over and above the job portals and are able to scout for talents very extensively. This has put the brakes on these specialists whose ability was in identifying talents and qualifying them before the hiring manager gets to see them. Now this is getting compromised and for the recruitment consultants to survive, they need to re-invent themselves and start focusing on verticals, level of hire, headhunting etc. and you cannot survive by being just another recruitment consultant.

Social media is here to stay,  and for good enough reasons, it is helping individuals and companies in their pursuit. At the same time, it is pushing the limits on traditional means of doing business.