I have been meaning to write on this topic for quite sometime now. I’ve had multiple conversations with people about Web 2.0 and if it makes sense for a services company to offer this as a service to its customers. My observations are these:

  • Web 2.0 as a technology is long dead and it doesn’t require the genius of a developer/programmer and project management combo to get it running
  • Web 2.0 as a business model still holds promise, because this is where you get real people, contributors and users to be a part of whatever you do, even to the extent of becoming over-addicted to the tools that they use.
  • Technology will stop remaining just as a tool, but can be customized for your own needs and your communities needs
  • It has already made the transition from consumer side to enterprise side. After all, enterprise stuff need to be consumed too
  • Even many enterprise products have started having web 2.0 plugins in their offerings
  • Mashups are the way to go, when it comes to internal groups or focus groups interacting through a tool. Pull together all that you require and there you go
  • Do wikis (absolute power of authoring), blogs (even more power of having a conversation), be a part of communities (positive networking), broadcast your success stories (podcasts, webcasts), and viral dissemination of information in seconds than in days

With this as the background, I do not find a services company making a huge contribution to web 2.0 apps for a few reasons. The volume of work will not be sufficient for a services company to look at it favourably, and it would be in a perpetual beta and the sense of accomplishment just doesn’t arise for it is a work in progress always. This is not something that services company should consider to be a business model for it will not let them achieve their profitability.