Market conditions is what determines your employability when you look at the larger picture, but at the base level it is your skills that decides your employability. Sample some of these:

  • I was told by my friend that he lost a job that was paying him a lac and 20K every month, and now he is willling to work for half as much as he was getting paid. This is because he has to take care of his dues. I told him, if that is the case, in the first place he was getting overpaid because of market conditions and probably he wasn’t worth the money that he was getting paid. After this conversation, I have neither heard back from him nor did he call me up
  • I left my job recently to go on my own. Many people who don’t know me as well think that I am out of a job because of recession and am trying to do something on my own to beat it. I haven’t really tried to explain to those folks as to the reason why I quit my job. Add to that I am not too much bothered by the macroeconomic situation 
  • I saw these two ads 1) Recession proof business – in the fce of the economic meltdown not all companies are struggling. We are a city based IT company looking to expand in 2009 2) Recession proof organization, product development – there are some competitive organizations which continue to grow even in the recession phase and we are one of them.

Recession essentially has become a buzz word and discussion point in any and every gathering, especially in the IT industry. Quoting one of my friends, who use to put it famously that all problems in this world exist because of four reasons; they being Baap, Desh, Bhagwan and a current trend and the current trend turns out to be recession (Father, Country, God and Recession).

I don’t think that any job in the IT industry is 100% secure and for that matter in any industry, hence it becomes all the more essential for differentiation in terms of skills that would be sought even during tough times. Organizations should not essentially use this period to impose everything and anything towards correction of this.

Many organizations are focusing themselves on correcting salaries, sacking the so-called non-performers, reducing spend, and bringing in policies that would safe guard themselves even in an upturn. They should ideally focus on differentiating, not just improving efficiency; consolidating their offerings and figuring out their USP; removing spend and not just reducing spend; grow through the downturn, instead of waiting for the market to get better.

As an aside, if I have to foretell some of the recession proof jobs, I cannot think of picking anything in IT except perhaps the infrastructure guys and among non-IT, certainties would be funeral directors, prostitution, textile retails (in chennai), and healthcare.