I responded to one of the queries that was asked by one of the contacts in my linkedin network. I wanted to share that with my blog readers as well. Here are the details of what I wrote.

Sales is really hard especially in a B2B environment. I am adding my two cents as to what needs to be done in a B2B scenario.

Here are the things that need to be done:

1. All your activities should be market-driven as opposed to marketing driven. You are better off doing what your market wants than creating a need for what you can provide

2. For every product/service that you offer, there needs to be a market position as well as a value proposition; else do not offer the product or service

3. Most companies in my mind do not even have a positioning statement, and they go with “everything to everyone” mindset. This is a very important aspect and you need to reinforce this positioning in all forms of communication, be it emailers, direct mailers, presentations, forums, blogs, social media, webinars, webcasts, newsletters, case studies, thought papers, adwords, b2b ad buys, speaking pitches and a few more that you can think of 

4. You need to have your revenue goals defined, from where you can back calculate as to the number of opportunities that you need to look at, based on history and your ability to close

5. Additionally, based on the budgets that you have towards generating the demand, you can work out activities that will get you the pipeline that you need to achieve your larger revenue goals

6. All your marketing activities need to be tightly integrated with sales, else it helps no one in particular and that includes your organization’s revenue goals.  There essentially needs to be a healthy dialogue between the lead generators and the ones who are going to act on those leads

7. For every product/service that you offer, you should be able to define your target segments and accordingly clean up your data. Minimize time and resource spent on it; maximize productivity and profits