I was talking to a friend of mine a couple of days back. He heads HR in a mid-sized IT services (and they also have products) company at chennai. He was mentioning to me that the opportunities for Indian companies in china is huge and they constantly keep getting enquiries from there. Requirements are mainly for work related to project management and at substantially decent prices (not the ones that would probably attract the SWITCH companies, Gartner has some creativity in coining the word SWITCH).

This definitely is a huge opportunity for small and mid-sized services firms in India, but the flip-side is, this company is not able to take up this opportunity as the resources are not keen in doing stints at china, even if it is a short-one. This definitely is a potential area that indian IT services companies will have to address, and learn to service the globally integrated workplace rather than being skewed only towards US and to a lesser extent Europe (predominantly UK).