This topic is the session that I attended today morning and it was delivered by Vinod Harith from CMO axis.   This happens to be the first session that I attended in Nasscom Emerge Forum. I look forward to attending more in the future and probably present as well.

It really was a good presentation and this is a gist of what was presented (I have added my view points as well to some of them!):

1. Thought Leadership works

2. You need to have a view point for you to be a thought leader

3. It is not about Posting and Hoping, and it certainly deserves its place. What I mean by posting and hoping is about the thought contents that are generated and disseminated through various mediums  and hoping that it would result in leads.

4. This really can be low-cost activity where your time is the only investment and not hard dollars.

5. Buying patterns of people are changing and it becomes essential to be available and visible to the buyers at the appropriate forums and settings.

6. The trick lies in building the ecosystem towards promoting thought leadership.

7. Get the analysts to ask you for briefing as opposed to you seeking briefing sessions with them. [After all, they also need to make profits and they will invariably transform your request for briefing sessions into an engagement]

8. Metrics for measuring thought leadership should be related to the number of touch points that you have created towards reaching your target audience as opposed to the leads.

9. Thought leadership certainly provides you with the necessary differentiation, provides you with pricing power and allows you to compete with the big players.

Guess I have covered most of what was discussed. As an aside, we at Aspire Systems are implementing quite a few activities towards thought leadership, and I believe that it really works and is a must for any marketing organization.