I am referring to startup ISVs that are self-funded and are funded by their own revenues and not about investor funded ISVs.

My list of 10 things that they should know are these:

1. Product pricing is too damn hard – Shareware, Freeware, Freemium, Premium or a combination

2. You need developers and not programmers

3. Don’t hire till such time that you need to absolutely fill that position

4. Take your product to the show, I meant trade shows

5. Prefer responsive sales to proactive sales

6. Don’t do advertising, instead choose viral syndication

7. Don’t confuse yourself that Microsoft is not an ISV

8. Your articles and blogs should be more interesting than your product

9. Convince at least three friends of yours on your idea before starting out

10. Don’t forget to have your coffee during your market research, number crunching and presentations