This is  a post that I read in Webguild.  This is about a company called dimdim, which I have been following really closely for the last few months. It is very sad that we didn’t come across dimdim when we were evaluating a conferencing solution for our use. I also wrote an earlier post on “dimdim challenges webex”.

The more I look at them, they are just not going to challenge webex and they are going to challenge multiple players who have positioned themselves differently. Some of my thoughts on that are:

Dimdim can possibly be the poor man’s video conferencing solution with all the features that they offer, especially their ability to offer webcam videos, integrated audio, whiteboard and browser-client. You don’t really need expensive hardware and the associated costs involved in setting up a video conferencing room etc. I have earlier done  a post on collaborative solutions and how it would be ideal for offshoring companies to interact with their customers.

Additionally dimdim can position itself as a Live eLearning platform, the way elluminate and picturetalk does. They position themselves as Live eLearning Platform, Collaboration Platform and Cross-platform conferencing solutions. All of these are available with dimdim with the features that they bring to the table.

I am really glad that over 500K people from over 180 companies have started using this; and this is being used for education as well. I wish and believe that they would certainly not become an acquisition candidate at least for the next few years, and change this space.