These are a few things that I came across today morning.

1. IT hiring is shrinking and it is down by 40% already

2. Operations head of a very promising startup said that things have been really hectic and he is running against time towards hiring people.

3. Entrepreneurship is growing and transforming ideas into products is done at a hectic pace. 

How so contradictory the first two statements are and more so when you hear them within a period of 10 minutes. I can understand the situation and the way I understand is that the startup is looking for the right talent that can deliver what they want and the 40% reduction in hiring reflects the generic hiring which the IT Services guys do. This bring us to the fact that talent is still a problem; comes only at a premium; and puts forth the point that people necessarily have to be nurtured to deliver what the industry wants. This would be a challenge that every IT company has to face sooner than later and whoever figures out a way to nurture the talent (get me right, I am not saying hiring the talent!) will be successful.

Coming to the main portion of the post on growing entrepreneurism and transforming ideas into products.  Many an idea during the dotcom time that went bust were of the eyeball projections variety and never really added to the bottomline. Things have changed since then, and there are many budding entrepreneurs who have started floating their ventures.

There are quite a few ideas that come out of sheer necessity and some that are conceptualized based on a market gap. It becomes extremely imperative for the idea to be validated and confirmed that there exists a market before proceeding with them. This in no way reduces the risk but it increases the probability for your idea to become successful. I am closing watching two companies that belong to this category of an idea borne out of necessity and an idea trying to address a market gap. They are Synage and Dimdim and would be very keen to understand how things progress for them in the coming months. Both the companies belong to the SaaS category as well.