Offering your product as SaaS – how does this change the dynamics of your organization? This is a question that will be their on everyone’s mind and it requires a complete mindset change across functions that include sales, marketing, finance, support and the top management.

  • Finance would have to be convinced about eroding bottom line all of a sudden and depend on incremental revenues
  • Sales would have to look at booking incremental revenues and not in bulk, and the performance has to be consistent throughout the year as opposed to the peaks and troughs.
  • Marketing will have to be oriented towards benefits and value proposition as opposed to product features
  • Management will have to be convinced to live in a world where your end-user is not tied to your product
  • Post-sales support need to be fully aware of the SLA commitments to the end-user

Aren’t we really seeing that Customer is going to be the king! in a SaaS world.