I have been thinking quite long and hard over the past days on how producteering can be tangibly represented with respect to the business of making software products. Before I get into it, let me define what Producteering is.

Producteering is a set of principles and practices, driven by the right people and supported by the right platform. Producteering, when applied rigorously, enables products to be built better and faster (Quite simple!, isn’t it?)

Coming back to the original purpose of this post, here are my thoughts on the business of software products and its relationship to producteering:

1. You are better-off producting great software as opposed to mediocre software

2. Producteers have not been, and will never be commodities, and they are the ones who can make great software

3. Premium model Vs. freemium model (Many biggies have killed out-of-the-box startups quite easily through this model, though this is not the intention behind this point! Google is a great example though).

4. Be agile and release working software frequently as opposed to incubating and keeping your software in stealth mode for too long.

5. Product innovation Vs. business innovation. This is what differentiates a successful software business as this is what is bought into as opposed to just engineering superiority

6. These are good times for software product companies as the capital costs are low, and engineering processes have matured

I have done my half-a-dozen and I am expecting to hear from people who can add more to this.