I have been in various discussions in the last week or so on the uniqueness of Product Testing. We burnt quite a lot of hours trying to figure out what it is, and articulating what we arrived at, and taking feedback from people to ensure that it really is unique. 

Product testing is effective only when the customer is brought to the party and this involves bringing the customer’s requirements as a part of the testing. How can this be attempted? Though, we have been doing this for years together, we have never found it necessary to define them in detail. We arrived at a concept called Integrated QA platform.

Integrated QA platform improves the Test Coverage of the product and this is done by the QA team interacting with multiple stakeholders of the product that include Product Manager, Business Analysts, Support Team, Beta Users and Developers. Effectively, this involves possibly all the stakeholders who have the responsibility of bringing the customers to the table in defining what needs to be present in the product.

This Integrated QA platform allows for better test coverage and reduces the reworking costs on the product, due to reduction in post implementation bugs. The fallout of this is advantage to the customers, for it directly reduces the cost of ownership of the product.

Apart from diligence and the coverage in terms of Operating Systems, multiple platforms, multiple languages and requirements specific to the product, the underlying thread in product testing is all about bringing customer to the table.