Software product developers are trying to do more with less and this specifically is one of the reasons for product failures. Sample this, software vendors will increase new product releases by 70 percent and upgrade/version releases by almost 40 percent. But, only 30 percent are expecting to increase their rate of R&D spending. Look at some of the scenarios:

  • Product rollout schedules are tightly linked with marketing deadlines
  • Mistakes are repeated from one project to another
  • No customer feedback has been sought by the developers
  • Resources aligned to one important project is diverted to even more important projects within 6-8 weeks
  • Developers divide their time among numerous projects

This is typical of most products that dont succeed in the market. Unless the software vendors develop a good product development system, they would never build better products.

A good product development system involves all aspects of a product company that include Product Management, Product Engineering, Product Marketing, strategy, communications and human resources as it is about technology and technical issues. Some of the key factors to be considered for a product development system are vision, process, customer requirements, resource planning, appropriate metrics and continuous improvement.

One of the best strategies to improve the product development system is to partner with specialists that have experience of working in multiple products. Global product development has become a necessity and reality for software product companies. It makes a lot of sense for them to partner with specialists and adopt the best practices of a product development system that will make their products a success in the market place.