A robust SaaS product can be built with a minimalist approach, for example, Tomcat, mySQL, XML, Struts 2.0, POJO and JSP are all it takes to build a SaaS application/product using Java technology. And it can work very well too. However, there are additional tools/techniques that can be utilized effectively when building SaaS products.

This article consolidates generic technology concepts that can be harnessed for SaaS, platform-specific features for .NET, Oracle and Java, and useful integration tools. The techniques and tool-kits mentioned have not been developed specifically for SaaS; in fact, some of them have been around for several years and are widely used today in building enterprise products. Nevertheless, they will come in handy when SaaS-enabling a product. This article was written by Karthik Viswanathan of Aspire Systems. Read the rest of this entry